Ways of Preventing Account Takeover

17 Sep

Account takeover is not entirely a new word. It is a term that has actually gathered a lot of fame recently. This is because the credentials that have been exposed to a third party have been resulting to theft as they are routinely used by criminals for the purpose of committing theft and frauds. If your credentials fall on the wrong hands, chances are that they are going to be sold in the underground markets, meaning that it may prove very hard for you to trace them or have them back It is therefore always important for you to ensure that your credentials have been secured to ensure that this has been prevented from occurring.

Account takeover is something that actually happens very fast.it has an ability to cause damage capable of lasting for a very long period of time. Even though there is the existence of many products aimed at stopping ATO, most of them have failed miserably. Let’s face it, it is always difficult for someone to find a product capable of providing with a hundred percent protection. This is because account takeover protection is a process that has its own timeline which should be studies before touching on the methods that can be used for prevention.

The first phase involves breaching of the account. This is phase where most of the criminals exploit the weaknesses of a website. This is done for the purpose of having access to the user database. If major websites such as Yahoo has been breached, billions of people are likely to be impacted. The second phase involves credential stuffing. After the criminals have gained access to your password, they will try to use the same on different websites in the hope that you use the same password. The third phase involves the sale where the stolen goods fall into the hands of other criminals.

Fortunately, applying the preventive measures ensures that such situations have been stopped from taking root. However, prevention does not only involve making an investment in password managers. This may not function as an effective security control process especially if it is used on its own. The only way through which you can prevent account takeover is through prevention. One of the things that you can do is to ensure that the password chosen is not too simple. If the company credentials have been stolen you should also ensure that you have intervened early to ensure that you have prevented them from being sold to criminals. To get additional details, view here.

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